What are suspension bushes for anyway?

Suspension bushes are fitted to cars at all points where the vehicle chassis is joined to a moving suspension component. They are fitted to provide a noise and vibration absorbing barrier between the road and you.

Why are they made of rubber?

Rubber acts as that sound barrier, damping out noise and vibration. Without them cars would feel much harsher and noisier. Rubber is also very very cheap.

Do racing cars have rubber bushes?

In general the answer is no. A lot of racing cars, especially single seater track based cars use metal joints which do not provide any noise absorbing. The life of these joints is measured in hours. They are not suitable for road use. However a huge number of racing cars still use rubber bushes. These are either production based cars adapted for race use or rally cars where the forces on the suspension can be so high that metal joints would break. 

Can I fit POWERFLEX bushes to my racing car?

If your race car has rubber bushes anywhere in the suspension then fitting POWERFLEX bushes will improve all aspects of it’s handling. They will outlast rubber by a factor of ten. They will control the geometry much more accurately during rapid suspension movements and they will reduce tyre wear. 

Why not Nylon bushes?

Nylon is probably the worst of all worlds. When a suspension arm moves up and down it does not move only up and down but describes an arc. This means that, for example an inner track control arm bush will be required to flex in two dimensions at the same time. In this example a metal bush will allow this movement as will a rubber or POWERFLEX bush. However a nylon bush will allow up and down movement but 100% of the arc loadings will be transferred into the arm and the chassis. This causes arm flexing and can easily cause premature arm failure! Of course nylon has no vibration absorbing characteristics at all, so all vibration is transferred up the already highly stressed arm. 

If POWERFLEX products are this good why do car manufacturers use rubber and not polyurethane?

Cost, availability and marketing. Polyurethane, as a raw material is about ten times the cost of rubber plus it is more expensive and slower to process. Car manufacturers buy a lot of components. If Ford decided to use polyurethane bushes in their range of cars they would need to find a supplier capable of making literally millions of bushes a year. There is no company in the world (even EPTG Ltd) who could make those sort of quantities. Cars are all about marketing. As long as the standard rubber bushes work without serious failure for two or three years then the manufacturer is happy. Would fitting of polyurethane bushes make you buy one car in preference to another make? Probably not. 

Why do I need them then?

POWERFLEX bushes improve your cars’ road holding and chassis performance by controlling the amount of unwanted flex in the suspension. This means your suspension is doing what it is supposed to. It means your tyres have greater contact with the road at all times therefore improving safety and performance. Correctly formulated polyurethane is as good if not better at noise, vibration and harshness suppression when compared to rubber. 

I only have a fairly basic saloon, why do need high performance bushes?

For exactly the same reason as above but with a different emphasis. If your tyres are in better contact with the road and your suspension movements are being controlled more accurately then tyre wear will be dramatically reduced. We have letters of recommendation from customers who state that they have doubled the life of their tyres on certain cars after fitting POWERFLEX bushes. We are not claiming that you will get this but worn bushes are dangerous and will be costing you money due to premature tyre wear. Have you ever taken your car into a tyre shop with tyres which are worn out on the inner or outer edges but perfectly legal everywhere else? You assume the tracking is wrong, but when the shop checks, it is correct. This is bush wear. When the car is stationary the tracking is correct but as you move and the loads increase then the tracking goes out. Come to a stop and the tracking is right again. Worn bushes. 

I love my car, it is a classic…What can they do for me?

Another major advantage of POWERFLEX bushes is life. Rubber is a natural product and deteriorates with age, especially on cars which are not being used regularly. The bushes will crack on the outer surface and soften inside. POWERFLEX bushes are not affected by ultra-violet, petrol, oil, battery acid, water or time. Perfect for your loved one. (And the car!) 

How much do they cost?

Typically about 5 to 8 times the cost of a standard rubber bush. However that is not the whole story. When you consider the cost of fitting new bushes and the fact that POWERFLEX will be the last bushes you every fit to your car things start to look a bit better. Then consider tyre wear, a real cost saving here. Car manufacturers have a habit of not supplying the bushes on their own, only supplying them complete with suspension arms. Paying £70 for an arm when a POWERFLEX bush might cost £15 is not a good idea. And finally as cars get older manufacturers stop supplying certain parts. Imagine your car was off the road because of a bush failure. You go to the parts shop and the part is “no longer serviced”! POWERFLEX makes a lot of sense then. 

Are they easy to fit?

We design all the bushes so that they can be fitted without special tools. However sometimes it is a lot harder to remove the old bushes than fit the new ones. If you feel you have very little mechanical knowledge, experience, talent or tools, either ask a friend or get them professionally fitted. 

Will they fit non-genuine parts?

We design all bushes using highly accurate measurements taken from genuine OE parts as fitted to the vehicle from new and as a result our parts may not fit aftermarket suspnsion components if they differ from standard. With this in mind if you do have Non-Genuine suspension arms etc. fitted to your vehicle, we would always advise checking sizing prior to ordering. 

Where can I buy them?

They are distributed by a whole host of quality car parts stockists all over the world. If you cannot find a stockist suitable for you on this site please contact us

Do I need to buy the whole car set?

No, but it depends on the car. Some cars benefit more than others. But there is a fair amount of effort involved in changing bushes so consider changing, for example a front set at one time, followed by the rear ones if applicable. Best to change the whole set if you can afford it though. (But we would say that wouldn’t we!!)

What is the warranty on Powerflex bushes?

The details of our unrivalled Lifetime Warranty are available here.

Lifetime Warranty

Powerflex are proud to offer a Lifetime Warranty on the entire range of products we manufacture.

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Lifetime Warranty Guarantee Lifetime Warranty on all Powerflex Products
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Solely because we love the 205 GTi and also stock an extensive range of bushes for them, here’s one hooning across a Welsh mountain road. Could it be considered the original GTi, or did the Mk1 Golf pip it to the post?
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Extreme camber can lead to uneven tyre wear! Get your geometry and alignment bang on and all will be well with grip, slip, wear and traction. .
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Repost from @chequebookracing using @RepostRegramApp - After moaning about having a car that wouldn't turn into the corner the way i wanted it to and was traction limited exiting the corner, ive replaced all the ball joints and bushes which were 100k old with @powerflexbushes Black Series bushes and ball joints allowing me to run extra negative camber and positive castor, I've replaced the standard open differential with a @3jdriveline race spec plate differential, fitted 40% stiffer @BCracinguk springs to my coilovers and fitted lightweight aluminium R56 rear trailing arms with some @nankangtyreuk AR1s to finish it off.

With the next Armed Forces Race Challenge rounds at Donington Park on 1st Sep 18, a track ive never driven, with a car that is vastly different to what it was before, i thought id do a little testing on an evening session with Opentrack Events Limited.  Very happy!! I now have a car that turns in how i want it to, with tyres that dont lose grip after 10 minutes, with the ability to accelerate out of the corner without breaking traction.  Very happy!  It just lacks power now.  Videos below!



Pictures courtesy of Robert Baxter

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