NL2017-44 A look back at PFF5-5601G

02 November 2017

NL2017-44 A look back at PFF5-5601G

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This week we take a look back at the PFF5-5601G parts for the BMWE46 inc M3 and E85, E86 Z4…a must for track addicts!

As the intended usage of a vehicle changes, the suitability of the parts fitted also changes. People go from good road tyres to track tires, better pads and discs to larger discs and caliper conversions and better springs, to full-on spring and damper upgrades all in the search of better performance on track.

For suspension bushes, it’s no different so we find now that many track day vehicles whilst having all these mods carried out, still have our standard Road Series parts fitted when we have a more suitable and better-performing alternative in our product line up. 

Our range of PFF5-5601G parts are of a 2-piece design featuring a low friction polyurethane inner bush, forming a bearing surface between the CNC machined aluminium outer shell offering minimal deflection, and maximum performance. This results in an increase in stiffness of up to 128% compared with the original rubber bush.

Here’s the lineup…

PFF5-5601G Front Wishbone Rear Bush, Caster Adjust fits into original mounting brackets with a 66mm diameter, bracket and bush part number: 31126783376. 

PFF5-5601G-60 Front Wishbone Rear Bush, Caster Adjust replaces the original bush in all vehicles with a 60mm diameter mounting bracket except M3.

PFF5-5601GM3 Front Wishbone Rear Bush, Caster Adjust replaces original bush part number: 31122229857 found in M3 vehicles and fits into original mounting bracket part numbers: 31122229623, and 31122229624.

These parts all have the same caster offset found in Z4M vehicles providing an additional 0.5Β° offset over the original concentric bushes found in the E46.

For motorsport and serious track use, our Black Series parts increase stiffness by an additional 28%, to give a 190% increase in stiffness over the original part.

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PFF5-5601G for BMW E46 inc M3 and Z4 from Powerflex on Vimeo.

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