NL2018-47 Nissan Juke

23 November 2018

NL2018-47 Nissan Juke

New Products

This week we are releasing a range of parts to fit the Nissan Juke.

This new range of parts has been developed to replace worn rubber bushes, reducing tyre wear, improving stability under braking and sharpening vehicle handling.

PFF46-801 Front Wishbone Front Bush
PFF46-802 Front Wishbone Rear Bush
PFF46-803-21 Front Anti Roll Bar Bush 21mm
PFF46-803-23 Front Anti Roll Bar Bush 23mm
PFF46-820 Upper Engine Mount Torque Arm Bush Insert
PFF46-821 Lower Engine Mount Insert
PFF46-822 Lower Engine Mount Insert

With a Nismo version available from Nissan, these cars are one of a handful of SUVs that tuners turn to in their quest for performance on the road and even on the track, for this reason, our new parts are available in our Black Series range.

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A range of bushes engineered for the road to compliment your classic car.

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NL2019-33 VAG Jack Pad Adaptor

15th August 2019

NL2019-33 VAG Jack Pad Adaptor

New Products

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8th August 2019

NL2019-32 Ford Jack Pad

New Products

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