NL2024-19 Porsche 996/997 GT3 Engine Intake Sleeve Kit

09 May 2024

NL2024-19 Porsche 996/997 GT3 Engine Intake Sleeve Kit

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Now a mainstay of Porsche‘s illustrious 911 range, the first generation GT3 debuted in 1999 as a stripped-down version of its 5th generation 996.

Lighter, more precise and with an engine derived from Porsche’s GT1 supercar, this immaculate combination set petrol-fuelled pulses racing and turned an accomplished but regular sports car into an all-out track weapon.

Fast forward some 24 years, and the 996 GT3 and later 997 GT3 remain as exciting today as they were then with owners wishing to keep them that way, so the last thing you’d want is your precision-built homologation special to lose power due to something as simple as an old, cracked rubber intake sleeve losing its seal, leading to idling issues and poor running due to incorrect fueling.

Supplied as an engine set of 6, our new PFR57-526K Engine Intake Sleeve Kit is made in our Dark Grey 80A polyurethane material for an OE aesthetic with increased durability and reliability over the equivalent rubber items which from what we have been told, are no longer available from Porsche!

This kit replaces OE Part Numbers:

99611068790 / 996 110 687 90
99611068791 / 996 110 687 91
99611068792 / 996 110 687 92

Each sleeve is designed and engineered to seal and link both sides of the intake system, with the supplied high-quality, stainless-steel hose clamps ensuring a tight fit and consistent engine vacuum, making them a must-have for any engine build.

As with our suspension bushes, these parts come with our unrivalled Lifetime Warranty.

These new parts are in addition to our previously released range of suspension bushes and engine/transmission mounting products for the 996/997 GT3.

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