NL2024-20 Anti-Roll Bar Lateral Support Clamps

16 May 2024

NL2024-20 Anti-Roll Bar Lateral Support Clamps

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Anti-Roll Bars (ARB’s) play an important role in a vehicle’s suspension system, helping to reduce body roll by transferring cornering load from one side of a vehicle to the other.

Often mounted to the vehicle’s chassis with rubber bushes, these bushes ensure the bar works as intended. To prevent the anti-roll bar from moving laterally within its mounts when turning, OE manufacturers will either bond the bushes to the bar, add dead-stops to the bar itself, or rely solely on the clamping pressure of the rubber.

But what happens when those bushes wear and need to be replaced? Often anti-roll bars with bonded bushes come as a costly complete assembly, so the alternative is to fit a more cost-effective unbonded polyurethane replacement, like the many we offer.

In most cases, friction from the bush will prevent any side-to-side bar movement. Still, when turning aggressively or cornering at higher speeds, a laterally shifting anti-roll bar decreases the efficiency and effectiveness of the bar, changing the dynamics of your suspension system in unpredictable ways. It also poses the risk of the bar fouling on other areas of the vehicle or suspension system.

This week we are pleased to introduce a solution in our new range of Anti-Roll Bar Lateral Support Clamps.

PFC13-14 ARB Lateral Support Clamps
PFC15-16 ARB Lateral Support Clamps
PFC17-18 ARB Lateral Support Clamps
PFC19-20 ARB Lateral Support Clamps
PFC21-22 ARB Lateral Support Clamps
PFC23-24 ARB Lateral Support Clamps
PFC25-27 ARB Lateral Support Clamps
PFC28-30 ARB Lateral Support Clamps
PFC31-33 ARB Lateral Support Clamps

Made in precision CNC-machined 6082-T6 grade aluminium and anodised Black, with sizes to suit anti-roll bar diameters ranging from 13mm to 33 mm, these easy-to-fit, two-bolt clamps bolt to the side of each anti-roll bar bush to add lateral support and prevent any sidewards movement of the bar itself that might cause inconsistent handling.

As with our other products, these parts come with our unrivalled Lifetime Warranty.

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