NL2024-23 VAG PQ34 Platform Strut Top Spacer

07 June 2024

NL2024-23 VAG PQ34 Platform Strut Top Spacer

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Ask anyone about common issues with a VW MK4 Golf and the Front Strut Top Mounts will almost certainly be mentioned.

The rubber top mounts soften, compress and shorten causing the suspension strut shaft to push upwards, creating a gap between the Upper Strut Top Cap and the Strut tower.

This gap can not only be the cause of front-end thuds and ineffective damping but it is also a potential MOT failure.

Now, we’re no strangers to this here at PFHQ as we have been selling our popular PFF85-430 Front Strut Top Mount Bush and PFF85-431 Front Strut Top Mount Bush -10mm for over 10 years, but more recently have been asked to supply just a spacer on its own for those vehicles that don’t require the full top mount or have other brands fitted.

PFF85-431W Front Strut Top Spacer (as normally supplied with PFF85-431 and now available separately) is a simple and cost-effective interim solution that fits and works with the OE Strut Top Cap to fill the gap and prevents binding up on the PU Spacer as the suspension turns.

Fitting couldn’t be easier either. Simply remove the existing Strut Top Cap from the car, separate the rubber ring from it, press the Cap into our Spacer and then refit it!

B; fitting this part is only recommended if the installed Top Mount is in good condition and there is a gap of at least 12mm between the top cap and body. If the OE mount has collapsed, you will need to replace the entire mount with PFF85-430 or PFF85-431.

This new product will also fit associated PQ34 platform vehicles;

Audi A1 Mk1, A3 Mk1 and TT Mk1.
Seat Ibiza Mk4, Leon Mk1, Mii, Toledo Mk2 & Mk4.
Škoda Citigo, Fabia Mk2 & Mk3, Octavia Mk1, Rapid and Roomster.
VW Golf Mk4 & Jetta/Bora Mk4, New Beetle Mk1, Polo Mk5 and UP!

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