NL2024-24 Toyota GR Yaris Anti-Roll Bar Bushes

14 June 2024

NL2024-24 Toyota GR Yaris Anti-Roll Bar Bushes

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Launched at the end of 2020, Toyota‘s plucky 4WD 3-banger, the GR Yaris, still represents everything a Hot Hatch should and is widely regarded as one of the best bang-for-your-buck performance cars money can buy.

A favourite with tuners, track day enthusiasts and racers alike, these cars were designed to be driven enthusiastically, and the subculture built up around them certainly agrees, with cars being pushed to their limits and beyond.

All that fun does eventually start to ask questions of the OE suspension components though, and as with any rubber bushes, age and hard use will soften them leading to unwanted movement and vague handling.

The anti-roll bushes bars are a prime example of this, where excessive play will reduce their ability to control the bar and subsequently the body roll they allow.

This week we are pleased to introduce a range of 95A Durometer Anti-Roll Bushes for the GR Yaris that include our newly released Anti-Roll Bar Lateral Support Clamps to restore performance, precision and cornering stability, enhancing the driving experience of your vehicle

PFF76-403-23.2 Front Anti Roll Bar Bush to fit standard models with a 23.2mm bar.

PFF76-403-24.2 Front Anti Roll Bar Bush to fit Circuit Pack equipped models with the upgraded 24.2mm bar.

PFR76-413-21.3 Rear Anti Roll Bar Bush fits all models with a 21.3mm rear bar.

Each set of bushes comes with appropriately sized precision machined Anti-Roll Bar Lateral Support Clamps, to grip the original Toyota anti-roll bars, preventing wandering or lateral offset in the suspension system after removing the bonded bushes.

These new parts are in addition to our previously released range of suspension bushes and engine/transmission mounting products for the GR Yaris.

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A range of bushes engineered for the road to compliment your classic car.

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