Lifetime Warranty

Powerflex are proud to offer a Lifetime Warranty on the entire range of products we manufacture.

We have taken this decision because of the confidence that we have both in our products and also in the way that we have handled any warranty issues in the past.

We have never had a time period based warranty policy because we have always treated issues that customers have had as an opportunity to learn.

Where a problem has occurred due to incorrect fitting, we have always asked ourselves if the reason for the error was due to poor fitting instructions.

When we have had a part failure we have tried to understand if the part was being used outside of its design parameters, perhaps on a race car running slick tyres. In cases like this, should we be offering a specific motorsport compound?

Like all manufacturing we have had the occasional material quality issue and in these cases we have always replaced parts without question.

So now we have decided to formalise our open and honest policy and boast about it! 

We will replace any Powerflex product that any customer in the world is unhappy with for any reason.

The only conditions that we attach to this Warranty are:

  • This Warranty applies to the original purchaser.
  • That in the event of an issue you contact us directly at and give as much information as possible to enable us to help you. This will involve giving us details of the installation and any changes made to the car, photos of failed parts and the installation.
  • Warranty is restricted to the replacement of the supplied goods, but no consequential loss (e.g. carriage charges, garage labour costs, vehicle recovery, car hire, loss of earnings, etc.) from any resulting problems.
  • Any parts used for motorsport/competition purposes or part numbers ending ‘BLK’ are excluded from our lifetime warranty.

What we ask in return is that anyone wanting replacement parts contacts us directly and sends as much information as possible which will help us determine the reason for a problem.

A range of bushes engineered for the road to compliment your classic car.

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We are very proud to be a certified ISO9001 company and receiver of the Queens’s Award for Enterprise and international trade 2013

Accredited ISO9001 company The Queens Award for Enterprise & International Trade 2013

NL2018-45 Audi A3/S3/RS3, TT & MK7 Golf Update

9th November 2018

NL2018-45 Audi A3/S3/RS3, TT & MK7 Golf Update

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This week we are adding a new part to our range for the latest Audi A3/S3/RS3 and TT.

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NL2018-44 New Heritage Collection

2nd November 2018

NL2018-44 New Heritage Collection

New Products

​This week we are officially launching our new ‘Heritage Collection’ range of parts for a chosen number of modern classic vehicles

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Because... let’s face it, Walter Rohrl is a driving god and the king of the one liners. 
#powerflexbushes #classiccars #rallylegend #groupb #heritagecollection #feelthedifference #fast #modifiedcarsToday we announce the ALL NEW rear ARB bushes for the series 3 Lotus Exige. Well known for banging and clonking issues when the standard rubber bushes perish, these new Polyurethane items complement the existing Powerflex front ARB bushes perfectly 💜 Make your V6 weapon even better with Powerflex 💪🏻 #feelgoodfriday #lotus #exige #polyurethane #antirollbar #feelthedifference #blackseries
What are you and do you drive the right brand? We think they’ve got BMW and VW around the wrong way personally?! 😊
#powerflexbushes #brandloyalty #carbirth #modifiedcars #classiccarsPFF85-531 is the Powerflex engine insert mount designed to fill the void of all manner of VW 1.4TSi, 2.0FSi, 2.0TFSi, 3.2 24-valve and 3.6-litre engine mounts. 
To reduce engine movement under load it's the perfect way to reduce unwanted flex and prevent the exhaust joints and turbo flexi joints from cracking. .
#powerflexbushes #volkswagen #mk5golf #edition38 #enginemount #golf #getbushed #feelthedifference

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